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AI Driven Investing

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AI Driven Investing

Stocked AI
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Beating the market is hard, like really hard. Over a 15-year period 90% of actively managed funds fail to do it. And these are highly educated Ivy league graduates with years of experience and all the resources they could desire. For the individual investor it is even harder. The shear speed and volume of information can be incredibly overwhelming. And trying to invest based on of breaking news is like chasing after the wind, the market is always able to react sooner. So what can you do?

Our brand new, proprietary machine learning model has beaten the market over every period of back-testing. By signing up to our daily newsletter you can get exclusive access to our stock predictions. This is essentially our alpha release and are going to be building more features and a custom UI as we work towards launching the 1.0 version of Stocked.AI. We need early adopters to give us feedback and help us develop the best possible service.

When you sign up, every trading day a little after 3PM EST you'll receive a list of the stocks our tool predicts to preform the best the next day. It also comes with risk assessment for each pick to help you make informed investing decisions.

Since the beginning of 2020 with 0 human guidance the stocks picked have made us ~130% returns. We accomplished this by having it purchase our top picks a few minutes before close. Then without exception sell those stocks the next day a few minutes before close. Not every day is a win, the strategy tends to track with the market. But during periods of loss it loses less, and during periods where the market makes gains our program gains more. During the same period the S&P 500 gained 21.57%(including dividend reinvestment), meaning we outperformed the index by over 100%.

Stocked AI is not paid by any company to recommend stocks to investors. We are completely independent. The publishers of Stocked AI are not brokers or investment advisers, we are coders and tech nerds, and we do not provide investment advice or recommendations directed to any particular subscriber or in view of the particular circumstances of any particular person.


A daily newsletter with our top stock picks.

Training Period
Our machine learning algorithm is trained on stock data from the past 5 years.
Our machine learning algorithm also predicts risk of each pick. This can help you make wise investing decisions.
Neural Network
We use an Artificial neural network which is a computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains.
Historical Gains
We have seen gains of over 130% since the begining of 2020.
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